Qingxuan Pian
To disperse heat. For colds and influenza, fever, headache, migraine, dizziness, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, periodontitis...
100 tablet box 6.50
3 box course 17.95
Houzheng Wan
For pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis and other similar conditions of sore furuncle, to remove heat, reduce swelling and pain...
100 tablet box 5.95
3 box reserve 16.95
Qingyan Wan
Prescription to clear the lungs. For the treatment of acute pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, hoarse or sore throat, difficulty in swallowing...
10 x 6g box 5.95
3 box 15.95
Jiere Gangmao Pian
Exopathic, for colds and influenza. Nasal congestion runny nose, fever, cold, coughing sound hoarse, sore dry throat...
60 tablet box 5.50
3 box reserve 14.95
Yinqiao Jiedu Wan
30g tablet box 5.50
3 box course 14.95
Tongxuan Lifei Pian
40 tablet box 6.50
2 box course 10.95
Fufang Chuanbeijing Pian
For cough, cold and chest infection, panting and coughing caused by asthma, chest tightness and chest infection...
30 tablet box 6.50
3 box course 17.50
Banlangen Keli
Traditional chinese herbal remedy used for the treatment of upper respiratory tract viral infections. Anti-virus, anti-bacterial...
10 x 5g bag 6.50
2 box course 11.50
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Respiratory System
You are in Herbal Remedies for the Respiratory System
The primary function of the respiratory system is to supply the blood with oxygen in order for the blood to deliver oxygen to all parts of the body. The lungs, airways, diaphragm, windpipe, throat, mouth, and nasal passages are all part of the respiratory system.
Clearing heat and detoxification. For the common cold, influenza, meningitis, pneumonia, mumps, measles, rubella, herpes angina, pharyngitis...
To dispel congestion and smooth the lungs. For the common cold, cough, fever, chest tightness, stuffy runny nose, headache etc...
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Best Sellers
Banlangen Keli
Qingshen Xiaopang Wan
American Ginseng
Nanbao Jiaonang
Oryzanol Tablets
Upper respiratory tract viral infections. Anti-virus, anti- bacterial, enhance immune function...
For safe effective weight loss. Produces gentle sweating while
Ginsenosides to assist with the elimination of fatigue and the restoration of physical health...
To sooth the nerves. Depression, stress anxiety, pre- menstrual tension, sedation, aiding sleep...
Vital functions promoter that strengthens Yang and invigorates the Kidneys. Impotency low spirit...

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