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To Nourish the Kidneys
chinese medicine-liuwei dihuang wan.jpg
A prescription from the Song Dynasty, detailed as a recipe for nourishing the kidneys.
herbal medicine-kidney and urinary.jpg
For Healthy Skin
chinese herbal medicine-pifubing xuedu wan.jpg
To control eczema, skin irritation, skin dryness, rubella,
acne, beriberi, scabies etc.
herbal medicine ears eyes skin.jpg xihuang wan.jpg
Treatment of Cancer
go to internal diseases.jpg
For Woman's Health
kunbao wan.jpg
For the effective relief of menopausal symptoms, hot flushes, irritability, dizziness, aching limbs etc.
medicine for womens health.jpg guanxin suhe wan.jpg
Heart & Circulation
Coronary heart disease with symptoms of chest pain or tightness caused by systolic barrier, angina pectoris.
chinese medicine for heart.jpg
Beat Colds & Influenza
banlangen keli.jpg
For upper respiratory
tract viral infections and to enhance immunity against Colds and Influenza.
chinese medicine for colds.jpg luobuma pian.jpg
For a Healthy Heart
For Hypertension. Long established Chinese herbal and conventional medicine to control high blood pressure.
chinese herbal medicine for heart.jpg tiaojing cuyun wan.jpg
Woman's Health
To improve the function of the female reproductive system, regulate the endocrine and
protect against infection.
herbal for womens health.jpg
Men's Well-Being
nanbao jiaonang.jpg
Known as the Emperor's pill. Vital function promoter to strengthen yang, for male loss of libido.
herbal for mens health.jpg hugan pian.jpg
Liver Detoxification
For acute and chronic viral
hepatitis, alcohol liver disease,
autoimmune hepatitis, drug
induced hepatitis.
chinese herbal medicine for the liver.jpg tongren qingzhi tea.jpg
For blood lipid health, to significantly lower cholesterol and increase the role of coronary blood flow.
Lower Cholesterol
chinese tea.jpg qiye shenan pian.jpg
To calm and soothe the nerves. Anti depressant for neurosis, stress and other similar conditions.

For Sleep and Mood
herbal products for sleep and mood.jpg
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ChinaHerbal supply the High Quality products of Beijing Tongrentang Pharmaceutical Company, founded in 1669 Tongrentang are the worlds oldest manufacturers of Traditional Chinese Medicines.
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To prevent the growth of various cancer cells, reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
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