Qingshen Xiaopang Wan
Fat extinction pill. Formulated from the highest quality herbal ingredients, traditional chinese medicine and modern research has produced this safe and highly effective product...
240 tablet box 12.95
3 box course 32.50
Bi-SO Weight Loss Tea
Bi-So leptins to promote the decomposition and transformation of fat. Converts stubborn fat cells to energy and eliminates oil from the body by decomposition...
20 bags 9.95
3 box 27.95
Kang Mei Slimming Tea
For diet, lack of exercise or nutritional imbalance caused accumulation of fat. Listed in China for 4 years, Kang-Mei tea has helped thousands of women to lose weight...
24 bags 6.95
3 box 19.50
Ning Hong Slim Tea
For gentle effective weight loss. This new product developed in the principle of health promotion and prepared with natural anthraquinone derivatives following long term clinical reserch...
24 bags 7.95
3 box 22.50
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Weight Loss
You are in Herbal Remedies for Weight Loss
Weight loss refers to the loss of body mass in an effort to improve fitness and health and to change appearance. Therapeutic weight loss in individuals who are overweight can decrease the likelihood of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer.
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