Longdan Xiegan Wan
To remove biliary heat. For liver and gallbladder
inflammation, marked by dizziness, ear pain or ear swelling, red or painful urine...
Jiangya Wan
Clear liver inflammation, For vertigo, eye pain, high blood pressure, headache, caused by liver inflammation...
60g box 7.95
3 box 21.50
Shihu Mingmu Wan
To nourish the kidneys, remove liver toxicity and reduce heat. Mydriasis, night blindness, unclear vision, lancinating, dizziness, mental fatigue...
100g box 7.95
3 box 21.50
Qiju Dihuang Wan
To nourish the liver, for liver and kidney deficiency, marked by vertigo, tinnitus, photophobia, blurred vision...
60g tablet box 6.95
3 box 18.50
Hugan Pian
Liver detoxification. For acute and chronic viral hepatitis, fatty liver, alcohol liver disease, autoimmune hepatitis, drug-induced hepatitis...
100 tablets 8.50
4 box course 29.95
Xiaoyanlidan Pian
Cholagogic. For acute cholecystitis, clearing bile duct inflammation, clearing away heat, removing dampness...
100 tablets 6.50
3 bottle 17.95
Erlong Zuoci Wan
For deficiency of yin of the liver and the kidneys, marked by impairment of hearing, tinnitus, blurred vision or giddiness...
60g box 5.95
4 box 21.50
Danshitong Jiaonang
Capsule for Discharging Gallstone. Cholecystitis, inflammation of gallbladder, caused by biliary stone, bacterial infection and other factors
48 capsules 8.95
3 box course 24.50
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Liver and Gallbladder
The liver is the master of metabolism. It synthesizes many of the bodies proteins, is involved in digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The liver and gallbladder are connected by the biliary tract which drains to the intestine.
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