Colds and Influenza
The common cold and influenza are very common infections of the upper respiratory tract. There are hundreds of different types of virus that can cause a cold which is why children can get repeated colds, while the flu virus is constantly changing structure, so new strains can appear each year.
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Qingxuan Pian
To disperse heat. For colds and influenza, fever, headache, migraine, dizziness, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, periodontitis...
40 tablet box 6.50
3 box course 17.95
Jiere Gangmao Pian
Exopathic, for colds and influenza. Nasal congestion runny nose, fever, cold, coughing sound hoarse, sore dry throat...
60 tablet box 5.50
3 box reserve 14.95
Yinqiao Jiedu Wan
Heat clearing and detoxifying. For common cold, influenza, meningitis, pneumonia, mumps, measles, rubella, herpes angina, pharyngitis...
30g tablet box 5.50
3 box course 14.95
Tongxuan Lifei Pian
Relieving, dispelling and smoothing the lungs. For the common cold, cough, fever, chest tightness, stuffy runny nose, headache etc...
40 tablet box 6.50
2 box course 10.95
Fufang Chuanbeijing Pian
For cough, cold and chest infections, panting and coughing caused by asthma, chest tightness and chest infection...
30 tablet box 6.50
3 box course 17.50
Banlangen Keli
Traditional chinese herbal remedy used for the treatment of upper respiratory tract viral infections. Anti-virus, anti-bacterial, enhance immune...
10 x 5g bag 6.50
2 box course 11.50