Detailed Specification
10 x 5g bag box
Banlangen Keli
Manufacturer : Beijing Tongrentang Pharmaceutical
Packing : 10 x 5g bag box
Pharmaceutical Ingredients : Chinese Herbal
Product Category : Anti Virus and Detoxification
Code HT0341
2 box course
Code HT2341
Pinyin name : Banlangen Keli.

English name, Banlangen Granules.

Functions and Indications : For virus infections. To remove toxic heat, counteract toxic effects,
cool the blood, heal swollen and sore throat. Effective on influenza and the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections, in particular viral infections.

Pharmacological Research (China) : Anti-bacterial, anti-virus, anti-endotoxin, anti-inflammatory,
enhance immune function.

Clinical Applications :
  1. The treatment of upper respiratory tract infection, in particular viral infections. The treatment of chronic follicular pharyngitis, dry pharyngitis, chronic tonsillitis, chronic pharyngitis and tonsillitis.
  2. The treatment of mumps, can and have a positive effect.
  3. The treatment of influenza, infectious hepatitis, chickenpox, epidemic encephalitis, viral skin diseases, congestive red eye, herpes simplex keratitis.
  4. Can also have a positive effect in the treatment of cartilage inflammation, gout, diphtheria, diarrhea, viral pneumonia, measles, cholecystitis, oral mycosis, trachoma, psoriasis and other pathogenic micro-organisms and infectious diseases.

Main Ingredients : Banlangen, radix Isatidis (Isatis Tinctoria L.) the root of Isatis Indigotica Fort.

Character : The product is a dark brown granule, to be dissolved in water, sweet taste.

Usage and Dosage : Dissolve in warm water, take 1 - 2 bags, 3 - 4 times a day.

Packing : 5g per packet, 10 packets per box, in filmed packages.

Storage : Sealed and placed in a dry place.

Notes :
  1. Smoking, alcohol, spicy, greasy or cold food is not recommended during the course.
  2. Do not take nutritional herbal supplements while taking this medicine.
  3. This medicine is not recommended if you have wind-cold syndromes such as severe chilliness with mild fever, anhidrosis, nasal obstruction with light discharge, lack of thirst and cough with clear and thin sputum.
  4. Check with your doctor if you have chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart condition, diabetes, liver and kidney problems. If you are pregnant or receiving other treatments, please consult your doctor before taking this medicine.
  5. If symptoms do not improve, or if you are experiencing severe fever, cough, shortness of breath or chest pain after taking this medicine for three days, please contact your doctor immediately.
  6. Children and the elderly should only take this medicine under the supervision of a doctor.
  7. If you want to continue taking this medicine after the completion of the course, please consult with your doctor.
  8. Discontinue using if there is any discoloration of the medicine.
  9. Children should only take this medicine under the supervision of an adult.
  10. Please keep medicine out of the reach of children.
  11. If you are taking other medication, please check with your doctor or pharmacist.

4 box reserve
Code HT4341
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