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Ears Eyes and Skin
Longdan Xiegan Wan
Biliary heat clearance. For liver and gallbladder inflammation, marked by dizziness, deafness, ear pain or ear swelling, red or painful urine...
60g box 8.50
3 box 19.95
Keyin Wan (Anti Psoriasis pills)
To relieve the effects of Psoriasis on the skin. Indicated for stubborn chronic itchy skin conditions caused by Psoriasis blood-heat...
3 box 79.50
120g box 27.95
Qiju Dihuang Wan
To nourish the liver, for liver and kidney deficiency, marked by vertigo, tinnitus, photophobia, blurred vision...
3 box course 19.50
6 box 35.95
Pifubing Xuedu Wan
To remove toxins, clean blood, disperse swelling and relieve irrritation. For eczema, skin irritation, heat dryness caused by rubella, pruritus, freckles, acne, beriberi scabies...
Erlong Zuoci Wan
For deficiency of yin of the liver and the kidneys, marked by tinnitus, impairment of hearing, dizziness, blurred vision or giddiness...
60g box 12.50
4 box course 34.95
Shihu Mingmu Wan
Remove liver toxicity, nourish the kidneys. For heat rise causing mydriasis, night blindness, vague vision, lancinating, dizziness, mental fatigue...
100g box 8.95
3 box 19.95
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As parts of the body's sensory system the ears and eyes perform vital functions for the body. Many people never know any impairment of these senses but it is unusual not to experience some problem connected with ears, eyes and skin during ones lifetime.
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3 box course 21.95
6 box 38.50