Gui Pi Wan
Improve blood circulation, soothe the nerves and aid sleep, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, dizziness, insomnia and poor sleep ...
200 tablets 9.95
3 box course 26.95
Niu Huang Jiang Ya Wan
For hypertension due to liver inflammation. To clear heat and fire from the heart, expel phlegm, lower blood pressure, irascibility, irritability...
10 tablets 6.95
4 box 24.95
Fufang Luobuma Pian
For Hypertension, to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Long established chinese herbal and conventional medicine remedy...
100 tablet bottle 6.95
3 bottle course 15.95
Yinxing Yedi Wan
Blood circulation. For blood stasis caused by obstruction of the thoracic mailuoning palsy, pain, stroke, paraplegia, stable angina pectoris...
100 tablet box 8.95
3 box course 24.50
Fangfeng Tongsheng Wan
Cholesterol lowering. Inhibit the absorption of cholesterol. Anti-thrombotic, anti-arrhythmia and hypertension, high blood lipid disorders...
60g box 7.95
3 box course 18.95
Yufeng Ningxin Pian
For angina, coronary heart disease, hypertension ENT, cardiology spasm pain, and enhance brain and coronary blood flow...
100 tablet box 9.95
3 box reserve 24.95
Jiangya Wan
Clear liver inflammation, marked by headache, vertigo, tinnitus, eye pain, high blood pressure caused by inflammation of the liver...
60g box 7.95
3 box 21.50
Guanxin Suhe Wan
Coronary heart disease, chest pain, chest tightness, systolic barrier, angina pectoris, cold body, prevention of myocardial infarction...
30 table box 8.50
3 box reserve 21.95
Fufang Danshen Pian
Blood circulation. For the symptoms of angina pectoris, chest tightness, tingling in the heart or surrounding area due to qi stagnation...
50 tablet box 9.50
3 box 24.50
Tongren Qingzhi Tea
Regulating blood lipid health, to significantly lower cholesterol, low density lipoprotein, lower blood pressure, increase the role of coronary blood flow...
36 tea bags 14.95
108 tea bags 39.95
Liuwei Dihuang Wan
Nourishing the kidneys. To enhance the immune function, anti-ageing, anti-fatigue, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat...
120 tablet box 9.95
3 box course 22.95

Heart and Circulation

You are in Herbal Remedies for Heart and Circulation
The heart pumps blood through a system of arteries and capillaries to supply every organ in the body. In an average lifetime the heart beats two and a half billion times without rest. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are two serious conditions effecting heart and circulation.
Baizi Yangxin Wan
Nourishing blood and invigorating qi. To relieve anxiety and mental strain in cases of severe palpitation, insomnia and amnesia.

60g box 9.50
3 box course 23.95
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