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60g box

Longdan Xiegan Wan

Manufacturer : Huacheng Pharmaceutical Company
Packing : 60g box
Pharmaceutical Ingredients : Chinese Herbal Medicine
Product Category : Liver and Gallbladder
Code FS0301
3 box course
Code FS3301
Pinyin name : Longdan Xiegan Wan.

Product Category : Liver and Gallbladder.

Functions and Indications : Hepatobiliary clearance. For liver and gallbladder inflammation damp heat. Indicated for liver function disorder causing headache, burning and dry eyes, bitter mouth, rib distention, ear infection or ear swelling, yeast infection, vaginal discharge,

Modern Indications : Hypertension, acne, vegetative nerve functional disturbance, acute conjunctivitis, acute otitis media, acute prostatitis, acute hepatitis, urinary tract or vaginal infections, acute pelvic inflammation, acute eczema, herpes zoster.

Ingredients : Gentiana, Chaihu, Baicalin, Gardenia(speculation), Caulis, Alisma, Plantago(salt speculation), Angelica, Dihuang, Zhigancao.

Usage and Dosage : Oral, take 3g to 6g twice a day. The product is a micro-table, 3g is appx. 70 tablets or half of a cap measure, 6g is appx. 140 tablets or one full cap measure.

Character : This product is dark yellow; bitter.

Notes :
  1. Children, pregnant women, use with caution, should only be taken under the guidance of a doctor.
  2. Medication for four weeks without symptoms eased, should seek doctors advice.
  3. As with all medicines, interactions may occur if taken at the same time as other medications.
  4. If taking other medication at the same time please seek your doctors advice.

Packing : Sealed 60g.

Storage : Keep airtight, moisture-proof.